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Free Children's Printable Worksheets

Whether you are a parent, playgroup leader, teacher, nanny, au-pair or babysitter, here you will find children's printable activities that are both entertaining and educational. They are suitable for all young children including preschool and primary school.

Our Own Worksheets

We create all our own content and have hundreds of original worksheets that you can print right now. You won't find our worksheets anywhere else!

Rainy DaysPaper based activities for children

There are many occasions when printable activites can come in handy such as the long summer holidays or even the back to school period in September. Long car journeys can be livened up and a plain old rainy day can be made more interesting with some pen and paper diversions.

No Need to Log In

We have varied paper based activities such as colouring pages, mazes, spot the difference and dot-to-dot activities, which are suitable for all children aged 3 years and older. What's more they are all available for free and can be downloaded with no registration or login required.

Why Use Activity Express?

There are many reasons why we think you'll love Activity Express and will want to bookmark our site:

  • No payment, login or registration required
  • Use to accompany homework or lesson plans
  • A varied range of activity types
  • All children's activities have been created by us
  • Suitable for all young kids - preschool to primary
  • All activities checked by real parents and children
  • Ideal for rainy days, car journeys, picnics, holidays
  • Easily printable - get your kids away from the TV!

Printable Activities

All of our printable activities are free to access and can be printed on any inkjet or laser printer for very little cost. Here are the types of activities on offer:

free activities for children

Kids Activity Booklet

Not only can you can browse our collection and easily print off our childrens activities individually, but you can also create an activity workbook, where a number of worksheets are randomly selected and formatted on-screen - easily printable as an instant activity workbook!

Get Started with our Free Printables!

So start browsing our collection of free worksheets for kids now, conveniently organised by catagory or use the workbook option to create something to keep them occupied for a bit longer!